Research Interests

Microeconometrics Application and Theory, Urban Economics, Machine Learning, Computational Macroeconomics


§ Working Papers

[1] “High-Speed Railway and Collaborative Innovation: Evidence from University Patents in China.”
      (With Jingbo Cui, Zhenxuan Wang)

Research Experience

School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University
Research Assistant, Jul 2017-Present
Advisor: Prof. Jingbo Cui

  • Organize datasets consisting of 2 million patent samples, clean them and check correctness using regular expression
  • Update information of universities which are merged or renamed, obtain geographic and economic information through Web Crawler in Python, calculate relationship matrix and plot time-varying network graphs by ECharts.js
  • Examine the effect of high-speed railway network on patent collaboration in city- and applicant-level by difference-in-difference regressions, conduct pseudo testing and split samples to examine robustness, heterogeneity as well as endogeneity
  • Appendix:
    1. An ECharts Plot Example
    2. Slides of some charts (Please download it and use Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to watch the GIF in PDF)